Continuing practice

In my current artistic practice, I passionately explore the captivating realm of transience and the fleeting nature of existence, drawing inspiration from folklore and fairy tales. Through a new and exciting process, I create delicate imprints on cotton fabric using water and ink. This innovative method has become the focal point of my work, guiding my artistic journey.

As I delve deeper into this exploration, I am captivated by the enchanting stains that emerge on the cotton strips. These ethereal imprints tangibly represent the interplay between folklore narratives and our lived experiences, resonating with themes of time, cycles, and ritual.

Through the display of these fabric strips, viewers are invited into a contemplative artistic experience. Each piece becomes a portal, bridging the realms of folklore and our everyday lives.

As my work evolves, it embraces the present moment while reflecting my profound connection to folklore and fairy tales. Within these mesmerizing imprints, I glimpse the unfolding path of my artistic expression, sparking anticipation for the future and the unique direction my work continues to take.

In essence, my current artistic practice intertwines transience, folklore, and fairy tales through delicate imprints on cotton fabric. It invites viewers to explore the interplay between these elements, evoking wonder and anticipation for the ongoing evolution of my artistic exploration.


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Waking Beauty - Breaking the Spell

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