Title: Untitled (Memory Quilt)

Medium: Quilt (Cotton), Water colour, inks.


Untitled (Memory Quilt) is a testament to the intertwining of art, memory, and familial bonds. This traditionally quilted piece features imprints derived from paintings within my artistic practice, alongside experimental "memory landscapes" crafted with inks and watercolors. Each square of fabric holds fragments of narratives, capturing the essence of female lives across generations in domestic settings.

Central to this work is the collaboration with my elderly mother, whose expertise in hobby sewing and quilting brings an added layer of depth and connection. As we meticulously stitch together these visual narratives, we find ourselves immersed in storytelling and reminiscence, bridging the past with the present.

This experimental exploration of narrative and oral tradition not only enriches our understanding of familial histories but also serves as a poignant reflection on the role of women in shaping our collective memory.