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Dianne Bowell Art

Branwen - Giclee Print

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Branwen one of the triple goddess of Avalon along with Ceriddwen and Arainrhod. Branwen translates as white raven. She is the maiden aspect of the triple goddess as seen as a beautiful young woman. She is springtime and inspiration and the daughter of the sea. She releases mistreated wives from bondage and blesses them with new beginings. She is associated with Aphrodite and Venus.

 Giclee PRINT- unframed.

Available in A4 or A5 print size.

This print comes with a certificate of authenticity, directly from my studio.

High quality, signed and numbered Giclée print, on 270gsm White Velvet 25% cotton rag, 75% Cellulose White Matte Fine art paper.

The inks and watercolours are worked into with water sprays and brushes, and overlaid with acrylic paint, the image is built up in layers.

Please message me if you have any questions about the piece. This artwork is sold unframed.

My work is ephemeral feminine expressionism, I am a painter, I work with all paints and mark making mediums, inks to oils. Currently exploring themes of Folklore and mythology, and inner beings.