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Dianne Bowell Art


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 Lamia, in ancient Greek mythology, was a child-eating monster and, in later tradition, was regarded as a type of night-haunting spirit (daemon). In the earliest stories, Lamia was a beautiful queen of Libya who had an affair with Zeus. Upon learning this, Zeus's wife Hera forced Lamia to eat her own children, the offspring of her affair with Zeus.

PRINT "Lamia" Giclee PRINT- unframed.

Available in A3, A4 or A5 print size.

High quality, signed Giclée print, on 270gsm White Velvet 25% cotton rag, 75% Cellulose White Matte Fine art paper.


My work is ephemeral feminine expressionism, I am a painter, I work with all paints and mark making mediums, inks to oils. Currently exploring themes of Folklore and mythology, and inner beings.