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Dianne Bowell Art

Prompt Sketchbook with Mermaid Cover, (20x20cm)

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With original front cover art work by International Female Artist Dianne Bowell, you are bound to be inspired to create incredible doodles, sketches and paintings. With Sketch prompts in the back page to help with those less inspired days, you will never have artists block. This sketchbook has 100+ pages, some blank and some with border prompts. Good Quality white paper. Size 20x20cm. Soft cover .You can use this book to sketch, doodle, draw or write. It is a great gift for kids, tweens, teens, girls or boys, and anyone with creative aptitude. They can really have fun no matter how they choose to use it – as a daily journal, a doodle diary, a simple blank paged notebook or as a drawing pad for their art classes. Now you have the perfect, easy gift for you or the artist in your life!

This is not suitable for water painting like watercolour as the paper is not thick enough.

My work is ephemeral feminine expressionism, I am a painter, I work with all paints and mark making mediums, inks to oils. Currently exploring themes of Folklore and mythology, and inner beings.